So…What have I missed?!

I officially am a magna cum laude OTA (occupational therapy assistant) graduate class of 2017!

Now that I will have more time on my maniacal hands I will be back to writing stories. Unfortunately, I will need to either modify or change the current story slightly since I no longer have the story’s save file.

And can I just point out, TODDLERS?! Best coming back present ever!


Chapter Four: Just One of the Gang

       The sun began to set just as I sat down with my dinner, a small grilled trout and some apple slices. I was hungry but I just couldn’t find the motivation to eat. Instead I just picked at my fish listlessly. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the cell phone Don had given me began to ring.

“Hello?” I said uneasily.

There was a long pause.

“This is Olivia. Who is this?”

“Meet me at the Blue Velvet

nightclub in a hour.”

       The phone call ended as abruptly as it had begun. I placed the phone back into my pocket and ate a few more bits of food. If I was going to be there on time I would have to get a move on now.

       I had been sitting at the bar for nearly a half hour. I scanned the room, looking for the mystery man that had invited me to meet him. Another fifteen minutes crept by. I had enough of this waiting game. There must be someone else in this town that could use an extra pair of hands. A body pressed up against me, taking me by surprise. I spun around on my stool and came face to face with a tall, rugged man.

“So, you must be Olivia,” he said

as he sat in the stool beside me.

“And you are?” I tried to sound

more bold and confident than I was.

       He laughed, obviously ignoring my question. Then proceeded to put in an order of drinks. He didn’t speak another word until after the bartender had brought him his order.

“This was obviously a mistake,” I stated as I

threw a few simoleons onto the counter to pay for my chips.

“Oh, come on. I was just playing

with you. Sit down, we’ll have

a little chat.”

       I was still peeved and unsure whether or not this jerk was toying with me still. None the less I decided to hear him out. What other choice did I have? He proceeded to tell me that his name was Lance and I was never to contact him directly. Should I need to get in touch with him, I was to let Don know. Since I was new, I couldn’t yet be trusted, yet. Lance then divulged a bit about his “business”.  He ran the under-workings of the town. Everything from gambling and drugs to favors and bribes. If it was illegal, Lance was surely the man behind it. He offered me a starting position on a Per Diem basis. It wouldn’t pay much but if I showed enough initiative, he assured me I would move up ranks quickly.

“There’s one other thing. While you’re

still getting your feet wet, I want

you to work with Danny. “

       Lance nodded his head toward another man sitting across the room. He in return tipped his hat at Lance in acknowledgement. I eyed Danny with intrigue. He was a rather attractive guy. Hopefully I wouldn’t be too distracted and not get the work done I was getting paid to do. I smirked to myself.

“What’s so funny?”

Lance’s question snapped me back to reality.

“Just really happy that I got the job.”

“Uh, huh. Sure, sweetheart. Whelp, I

have another appointment to get to.

I’ll be in touch soon. Remember, I’ll

be keeping an eye on you, so stay out

of trouble.”

I moved across the room and took a seat next to my new partner.

“Hey, I’m Olivia. I’m told we will be

spending a lot of time together.”

“Hopefully. As long as you don’t

go and do something stupid.”

“Like what?” I spat back playfully.

“I dunno. Get pinched. That’s what

happen to my last partner. Too bad

to, I was really starting to like the ’em.”

“I’ll try my best, sir.” I said sarcastically

while giving Danny a mocked salute. The idea of getting caught by the police was definitely not something that I had really thought too deeply about.

Well, at least I would have an actual bed.

Chapter Three: A Girls Gotta Do, What A Girls Gotta Do…

      I awoke the next day with a sense of purpose. Panhandling and dumpster diving would only get me so far. I needed a job and I needed one now. I bent down to tend to my garden, one of my only forms of food supply. But who would hire some strange girl with no identification, no past. My options were small and my future looked bleak. I decided to throw all caution into the wind and invite Don over. He seemed like a guy that could care less about a girls past. Maybe he could hook me up with something, anything. I fumbled in my pocket for some loose change and used the public phone box. He answered on the second ring.       By the time Don arrived, my confidence had begun to waver. My mind drew blank and my words died upon my lips. Don walked intently towards me. I waved halfheartedly as he neared.

“What’s up darling. You’re looking beautiful

as always.”

“Oh, eh. Thanks. You too, Don.” There was a long, uneasy pause between the both of us. I cleared my throat and tried to begin again. “You know I’m new in town.”

“I’d have to be blind not to notice a thing

like that.”

“Well, I was wondering if you knew anyone

that could hook me up with some work.”

“Sure, I know a few people that are

looking for some help. What do

you have in mind…”

“Anything, honestly. I can’t give references

and I don’t have an I.D. Is that going to

be a problem?”

“No, not at all.”

A sly smile crept across his face. Something told me that I was not going to like what he had to say.


“Come on, Don. Please?”

“There’s a guy I know. What he does is…

Let’s just say he isn’t on good terms

with the law.”

I shifted uneasily. Did I really want to head down this path of debauchery?

What other choice do I have? 

“OK. When can I meet him.”

“Here, I have an extra cell that I’m not

using anymore. I’ll give him your

number. You’ll hear from him

tonight. And Olivia?”


“If your interested…I know another way

you could make some easy money.”

I wasn’t fully prepared for what Don had to say next…

“There are a lot of wealthy guys in

town that would pay for your company.”

To say I lost my temper was an understatement.

“Don! What kind of girl do you think I am!

I know I’m desperate, but I’m not that


“Whoa! Chill out honey. It was

only a suggestion. Don’t get

your panties in a bunch.”

       After Don left, I decided to check out the local library. Maybe I could find another job without Don’s help. I wasn’t really sure I ever wanted to see him again, but I wasn’t about to burn the only bridge I had in town. I searched the local wanted ads to no avail. Unfortunately, I would have to take Don’s “friend” up on his offer of work. Something on the local ad page caught my eye. The park that I was staying at was in foreclosure and listed for a very reasonable price. §2000 simoleons. Not too awful, just out of my reach. Hopefully I could save up the funds to buy the land before someone else did.

       I ran home with a purpose in my stride. Yeah, my situation sucked, but things could always be worse. Now all I had to do was wait for my mystery boss to call.

Chapter Two: New Girl in Town

       My stomach began to ache and rumble with objection. Without any money, I would need to use whatever resources that I could find to keep death from knocking on my door. The last thing I wanted was to be found dead on some rundown park bench. I surveyed the area and noticed a small pond nestled towards the back of the grounds. I jogged cautiously over to the small pool of water. Tiny minnows darted back and forth just below the surface.

“Well, don’t they look appetizing.”

       I spoke too soon thankfully. A couple of bass surfaced, springing out of the water to catch their fill of flies. Happy that I had found a suitable meal to be had, now all I needed was a means to catch it. I grabbed a small tree branch and tied some discarded dental floss to the end of the stick. There were a few small bugs crawling near the water’s edge that I could use as bait.

“Here fishy, fishy, fishy.”

       I was doubtful that my efforts would reap any rewards but the dull ache of an empty stomach pushed me to try none-the-less. Within a few moments, one of the bass took the bait. Holding firmly, I slowly pulled my makeshift fishing rod, which threatened to break at every tug. I held my breath like any wrong move would result in failure. I exhaled a sigh of relief once I had safely pulled my dinner a shore.

“That worked better than I thought,” I expressed, smiling

ecstatically at my accomplishment.

       After I satiated my hunger, I noticed a small garden by the lonely shack. Knowing I could easily use its produce for further meals and possibly a source of income, I decided I should make sure that the garden was in proper condition. I was pleasantly pleased to see that besides a quick watering and weeding, the garden was in outstanding condition.

       Feeling confident, I decided to venture into town. Strolling along the road, fellow Sims waved cheerfully to me. Their unwonted attention made me feel uncomfortable. What was I suppose to tell people about myself if they asked? I slowed my pace as I neared the local gym. I hadn’t thought out my escapade fully and now that I was about to head into a building full of strangers I was beginning to panic again.

“Hi, I’m Don. Don Lothario.”

        A deep voice snapped me back to reality. I turned around and scanned the strangers face. He was quite good looking.

“Hi.” I murmured.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you around town

before. What’s your name?”

         There was a impish look in his eye as he scanned me up and down. I smiled nervously as my brain struggled for a believable lie.

“I’m Olivia. Olivia…Pond.”

Really? Olivia Pond? You couldn’t think of something more normal sounding?

“So, miss Olivia Pond. What brings you to

Willow Creek?”

“Just…”, I cleared my throat.

“Just what?”

       Don inched closer to me. He seemed nice enough, but there was just something about him that made me want to turn on my heel and run. But what girl ever listens to her gut when it comes to good looking men.

“Just looking for a change. Trying to make it on

my own instead of mooching off my parents for

the rest of my life.”

        I was surprised at how easily it was to spin my lies. I side-eyed Don to evaluate whether or not my lies were believable. He smiled and nodded in agreement with what I had just said.

“Well, good for you. Here’s my number,

I have a lot of connections around here.

Call me up if you get in a jam.”

“Thanks,” I replied reaching out to take his

business card.

“Let’s get together soon. Somebody’s

got to show you around this place, it

might as well be me.”

          Don winked at me as a grin grew across his face. I couldn’t help but to smile back. Maybe this place would be more fun than I thought it would.

         I forgot how long the walk back to the park was. By the time I reached “home” I was exhausted. I collapsed on the rickety bench and drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow, I needed to find a job.

Chapter One: Dazed

        I slowly came to, my body aching all over. I blinked against the harsh sunlight straining my vision to make sense of my surroundings. I brought my hand up to my lip slowly and realized that I was bleeding. Nausea swept over me as I realized I had no idea where I was. The bench creaked painfully as I pulled myself to a sitting position.

Where am I? What happened to me?

        Another pressing question raced to the forefront of my consciousness…

I can’t remember, I can’t remember who I am!

        My heart lurched in my chest, my breath quickened. Within moments I was in a full fledged panic.

Just Breathe.

        I glanced cautiously over my shoulder to survey my surroundings. I was in a park of some sorts. Peaceful and serene, quite the polar opposite to my current state of mind. It couldn’t be explained, but I almost felt safe sitting there on that rickety wooden bench.

First things first, I need to clean myself up

before I go stumbling around this town.

        I noticed a lone restroom positioned to the far right of the park. My head spun and my temples throbbed as I slowly dragged myself to my feet, stumbling over to the shanty. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. I fumbled around for the light switch, flicking it on and off with force. No such luck, the bulb was dead. With the door slightly ajar, I cautiously touched my face. My nose burned, making my eyes water. My lip was split but not severely. I shrugged my shoulders passively.

It could be worse, I guess.

        I ran my pockets to turn up anything that could give me an inkling of my identity. No such luck. Today was definitely not my day. With no money, no identity and no memory I was going to need to find some resources to get by on until I could solve my perplexing situation.

First things first, where in the Watchers name am I?

Back from hiatus :)

Writing is one of my passions, along with photography. I feel as though I have not been able to dabble in my creative side for far too long. I hope to be able to update this blog weekly, but realistically it may be less. I hope you continue to read my stories and I’m so glad to be able to steal myself away from my responsibilities so as to write again.

Happy Simming!